Know Before You Start

Using the wrong soil on a green roof creates problems. With rooflite soil products, you can have a problem-free green roof that lasts for years to come.

Our Soil is Made for Green Roofs

Our soil products are engineered exclusively to be used on green roofs. Because of that, our products will not create problems with plant failure, volume loss, weight, or other issues. Each rooflite soil product is designed for excellent green roof performance.

Our rooflite soil products have the perfect mix of properties to grow healthy plants long-term in a variety of regions and climates.


rooflite soil products are engineered for long-term structural stability while maintaining excellent air filled porosity values to ensure the long-term success of your green roof project.


rooflite soil offers a range of lightweight product options to meet your green roof project goals without jeopardizing the building below.

Helping You Decide

We know how many things you have to juggle on a green roof, and that’s why we’re here to help. Read about how we work with landscape architects.

Selecting the Right Soil Product

We have a process to help you select the perfect soil for your green roof by identifying all the project details that may affect the soil selection, delivery, and installation for your green roof.

Take the Guesswork Out

We have a variety of tools to help you design your green roof and understand all the possibilities our soil products can offer.