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8 Million Square Feet

The #1 Certified Green Roof Media in North America
- over 8 million square feet of roofs vegetated

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Global Capabilities

From Portland to Puerto Rico, rooflite® has been installed in over 40 states and in 4 countries. Strategically located production facilities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Chile and Mexico allow the use of rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media on any project regardless of location.

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Certified Quality

Over fifty years of soil engineering experience offers unparalleled knowledge from both North America and Europe. Only the highest quality regionally available materials are utilized in rooflite®Certified Green Roof Media

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Choosing the right growing medium is crucial for the performance of any green roof system. rooflite® soils promote vigorous plant growth and maximize the green roof’s cooling effect and water retention capabilities.

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The success of any green roof starts with rooflite® certified green roof media. The results of using rooflite® for green roof projects speak for themselves illustrating our Experience through Quality and Consistency.

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New Specification Book

Whether designing a typical sedum roof or a rooftop garden, these specs have been designed to allow you to easily cut and paste the technical properties into your own document. Download the specification book now!.

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Green roof installations are material handling puzzles, and the experienced rooflite team will work with you to fulfill your needs on every job.

Why Use rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media?

The rooflite® Advantage:

rooflite® Support for Eco-Roofs

Green roofs differ from a natural environment as they are on top of a building and are not connected to the natural ground. rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media is lightweight and performance characteristics have been optimally engineered for this unique environment. It is critical that rooflite® soils can drain [...]

Consistency, Quality, and Experience. The rooflite® regional network currently consists of 28 blending locations within the Americas. With strategically located rooflite® production facilities, almost every vegetated roof project within the continental United States and the Caribbean Islands is no farther than [...]

With millions of square feet of eco-roofs installed using rooflite® certified green roof media over the last decade, our team has developed the field experience to make your next green roof project a success. Whether bidding or constructing, specifying or approving submittals; regardless of scale [...]

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