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11 Million Square Feet

The #1 Certified Green Roof Media in North America
- over 11 million square feet of roofs vegetated

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Global Capabilities

From Portland to Puerto Rico, rooflite® has been installed in over 40 states and in 4 countries. Strategically located production facilities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Chile and Mexico allow the use of rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media on any project regardless of location.

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Certified Quality

Over fifty years of soil engineering experience offers unparalleled knowledge from both North America and Europe. Only the highest quality regionally available materials are utilized in rooflite®Certified Green Roof Media

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Choosing the right growing medium is crucial for the performance of any green roof system. rooflite® soils promote vigorous plant growth and maximize the green roof’s cooling effect and water retention capabilities.

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The success of any green roof starts with rooflite® certified green roof media. The results of using rooflite® for green roof projects speak for themselves illustrating our Experience through Quality and Consistency.

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New Specification Book

Whether designing a typical sedum roof or a rooftop garden, these specs have been designed to allow you to easily cut and paste the technical properties into your own document. Download the specification book now!.

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Green roof installations are material handling puzzles, and the experienced rooflite team will work with you to fulfill your needs on every job.

Why Use rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media?

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rooflite® Green Roof Specbook

Green roofs differ from a natural environment as they are on top of a building and are not connected to the natural ground. rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media is lightweight and performance characteristics have been optimally engineered for this unique environment. It is critical that rooflite® soils can drain and retain water simultaneously and that they work even in very shallow systems. rooflite® products must also function long-term without jeopardizing the building below. Healthy plant growth and proper green roof performance strongly depend on using the right growing media.

Consistency, Quality, and Experience. The rooflite® regional network currently consists of 28 blending locations within the Americas. Every production partner goes through a thorough licensing process.

When planning your project, it is important to know exactly how much media you will need. Factors that can contribute to your media needs are Volume, Installation and Compaction. Visit our rooflite growing media calculator and ensure you have the right amount of material.

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Whether looking for general information or searching for technical details, this guide describes different types of green roofs and specifies the related types of growth media. Download our rooflite green roof specification document now!

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