rooflite offers specifications for all our products for viewing or download. Simply choose your region, and the products available in your region will appear below the map. You have the option to view specifications in Word or PDF format. Saturated weight classes vary by product and region, so not all weight classes are available in all regions.

Select a region or click the map below to view available products:

Our full product offering consists of individual product lines, each of which is available in different saturated weight classes. These weight classes are designed to guide you in choosing the best option for your project based on your weight requirements. Each weight class is identified by a number that corresponds to the typical weight for fully saturated media based on ASTM E2399. The following weight classes may be available:
  • 400: 40-50 lbs/ft3
  • 500: 50-60 lbs/ft3
  • 600: 60-70 lbs/ft3
  • 700: 70-80 lbs/ft3
  • 800: 80-90 lbs/ft3
  • 900: 90+ lbs/ft3