We pride ourselves on making the sales process easy for our customers and ensuring great service from order to delivery.

We’ve designed our sales and service process to identify your specific project requirements, including the plants you’ll be growing, the regional location of the green roof, and the unique aspects of your project site. Once we get all the details of your project, we’ll make our expert recommendations on both our products and delivery.


If you’re new to rooflite®, a great place to start the sales process is with our rooflite calculator. It will give you a general idea of how much rooflite soil you will need based on your project details. You’ll have the option to email the results of the calculator to us to get the process going.

Project Details

Once we receive the calculator results and communicate with you about your project, we will validate the details you’ve provided for the size of your roof, compaction, and other pertinent information. We’ll provide you with an estimate for the type and quantity of rooflite media you’ll need from us for a successful project.

Timing & Specification

It’s a huge help at this point if you can let us know timing for delivery of the rooflite soil, even if it’s months in advance. This information will help us be ready when the soil is actually needed. You may also want to specify [link to regional specs] our green roof media in your specification documents to be sure you have all the relevant details and information ready to go during the purchasing phase.

Ordering & Logistics

When you’re ready to go forward with your order, we will need details related to how you will convey the media to the roof. Our Logistics page offers a summary of the available delivery & conveyance methods. Once we understand any unique aspects of your project site and the conveyance methods, we can process your order and schedule delivery based on the project timeline you provide.

Ready to Go

When all the details are worked out and the rooflite soil has been ordered, we will provide you with details on delivery and timing. And we’ll monitor your project closely to be sure everything goes smoothly. And then? You’ll plant your green roof and see the results of the rooflite difference!