Based out of Landenberg, PA, our team is highly skilled, knowledgeable and has many years of expertise in green roof media and logistics. You can trust us to give you our best product and service. Take a tour through our company!


Product Development Team

rooflite® wouldn’t exist without our first-rate products, and that’s why one of our essential departments is our product development team. With a deep understanding of the green roof industry both in the U.S. and abroad, our product development team researches and plans our product lines to meet industry needs and exceed client expectations.


Technical Team

Once our product development team has identified products to create, our technical team gets going on the details. These details include the proprietary makeup of the product to be sure it can perform in the intended environment and support vigorous plant growth of the right type. Our technical team also manages our Quality Assurance Program, which is used to validate our rooflite soil performance with our internal lab and an independent, outside lab.


Sales Team

Our Sales team has a wealth of experience in finding the right rooflite product for any project. Dedicated to making the sales process smooth and easy and with deep knowledge of our product line, our sales team is experienced in working nationally on all different types of projects to help you choose the rooflite soil products you need.


Customer Service Team

One of our hallmarks is a company-wide commitment to stellar customer service. Once you choose rooflite as your green roof media provider, we continuously monitor your project from purchase to delivery to be sure you have the media you need when you need it. You can trust us to be available to talk through issues you encounter and to keep you informed on your rooflite soil order, delivery and project.


Logistics Team

Logistics for green roof media delivery require precise planning and are some of the trickier puzzles we encounter, but don’t worry. We are experts and have delivered media all over the U.S., and we’ve seen everything. We will work with you to make sure you have a great plan for delivery of the media for your project. We will also continuously monitor your project during delivery to be sure things go smoothly.