Our Common Future: how rooflite is helping to create a better world

Posted in Blog, Create With Us, green roof on October 4, 2017

The first green roofs started popping up in the U.S. in the early 2000s. It was an immature industry, and the founders of Skyland USA, rooflite’s parent company, saw an opportunity to get involved.

From the beginning, Skyland USA and rooflite has been focused on developing high-quality green roof media for the industry and bringing it to as many regions as possible. Through our proprietary, full line of rooflite soil products and systems and our nationwide blender network, the first of its kind, we’ve been gratified to become the premier provider of green roof soil in the U.S.

As the industry has evolved, we’ve invested in developing new products to respond to industry needs, providing technical specifications and drawings to make it easy to use and specify rooflite, and giving green roof professionals the tools they need to be creative and flexible in their green roof projects.

As we’ve continued to grow and work with our green roof partners, it’s become clear that we’re part of a much larger movement with one goal: creating a better world with a common future we all share.

We’re providing green roof professionals with rooflite soil products that let them green our cities in diverse ways and locations. With a full line of lightweight soil products and systems for everything from sedum roofs to rooftop farms, we’re making it possible for green roof professionals to use rooflite soil for almost any kind of green roof they can dream up.

We’re working to combat climate and environmental issues through our rooflite soil products. They contribute to cleaner ground water by cleansing stormwater on the roof while also preventing too much stormwater from reaching the ground by retaining it for roof plants. They contribute to cleaner air by supporting plant growth on rooftops. They reduce the urban heat island effect by supporting trees that provide shade and remove heat from the air and buildings.

We’re improving the experience of living in our urban neighborhoods by providing rooflite soil products that bring nature back to our cities. Through accessible rooftop gardens, community rooftop farms, and communal green spaces, urban residents can now enjoy these natural refuges in the midst of bustling city life.

We’re doing all of these things because these are our company values: greening our cities, creating environmentally responsible products, and helping give our neighbors better lives. We live these values every day at rooflite, and we are so excited to continue to create a better world with the green roof community.

What can we create if we work together?