Green Roof Project | 360 Smith by Future Green Studio

Posted in green roof, Jobsite Photos on November 18, 2011

Wonderful Summer and Fall pictures of a great Green Roof and Rooftop Garden come to us today from Future Green Studio of New York City, design/build contractor on the project.

David Seiter, Principal at Future Green, provided the beautiful pictures of the blooming roof, and the description below.

360 Smith

This green roof sits atop a new residential building in the heart of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, blocks away from Gowanus Canal. Built-in cedar screens and planters delineate seating, dining, lounging, and play areas. The unique 360 degree view of the Manhattan skyline and of downtown Brooklyn offers a dramatic backdrop for this extensive green roof which functions not only as a place of repose and relaxation but also serves the vital role of stormwater retention – an key component for any urban roof site.

The green is roof is 6700 sf.  The rooflite depth is 3.5 inches for most areas.  We used the optigreen drainage profile from Conservation Technology and installed Sempergreen green roof sedum mats.

 The plants in the planters are a mixture of drought tolerant grasses and perennials and include the following:

Lavender ‘Munstead’

Nepeta ‘Walkers Low’

Pennisetum ‘Little bunny’

Stipa tenuissima

Fescue ‘Suberba’

The planting strips are low mounds with a soil depth of 5-6inches and are planted with Sedum hispanicum var. minus & Fescue ‘Elijah’s Blue’

What a stunning project – visual interest in all seasons.  Well planned, and well executed by Future Green.  Created a beneficial space for all residents of the building.  When we visited the project in November (more photos HERE), the superintendent remarked on how easy his maintenance has been, and a party crew was there to set up tiki torches and equipment for a resident’s event.  Add that to the list of green roof benefits – happy management & happy residents.


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