Cuartel de Ballajá by PRGD, Inc

Posted in green roof, Jobsite Photos, News Link on October 31, 2011 selected a recently completed project in San Juan, Puerto Rico for its “Project of the Week” series.  Their description follows the picture.

Vegetated Roof, Water Feature, and Solar Panels atop the Caurtel de Ballaja

“El Cuartel de Ballajá was constructed by the Spanish army between 1854 and 1864. The structure is one of the most impressive constructed by Spain in the New World and it stands as the last example of monumental military architecture by the Spanish Monarchy in the Americas. Today, the Ballajá Barracks houses several educational and cultural organizations, namely the Museo de Las Américas.

Designed by the Architect Edmundo Colon with the help of GRP David Aponte, the green roof was part of several “green intervention” projects done to the Cuartel de Ballajá, including a 151.2 KW PV system with 720 solar panels. The project was built using a 60 mil PVC waterproofing system (Durolast), a 16 oz. protective mat, 2″ of rooflite drain w/ drain channels, filter fabric, 4″ average of rooflite growing medium and 60,000 plants that vary from plugs to 6″ pots. The green roof also has greenwalls and an artificial wetland to manage higher roof storm water amounts, which is used on a needed basis as the supplemental irrigation system.”

A few additional pictures of this very unique tropical installation can be found in the Project Gallery.  Take note of the striking water feature; not a common ‘green roof’ accent – but with appropriate waterproofing it becomes a very appealing feature.

Congratulations to David Aponte and PRGD for having their successful installation selected as Project of the Week.


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