Pacific Northwest Green Roofs from SolTerra Systems

Posted in green roof, Jobsite Photos, Site Visit on December 4, 2009

I received some great green roof photos from a few recent installations in Washington State from SolTerra Systems, Inc. The projects are all unique, with an obvious attention to detail that is SolTerra’s trademark.  With three Accredited Green Roof Professionals on staff, in addition to a LEED AP, you know their work will be superb.

Ever the modest craftsman, Brian Heather, LEED AP, GRP, points out – “They’ll look better in the spring when the plants are more filled in.”  It’s very clear Brian is being humble – these projects look great already.  But like a fine wine,  sure they’ll get better with age – quite the opposite of your shingle roof.  All rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media for these projects was blended and delivered by Swanson Bark and Wood Products.

The first green roof project is a beautiful residence nestled in a tranquil setting on the Olympic Penninsula.  The project grows on 60 cubic yards of rooflite extensive mc.  In a nod to the expanses of driftwood along the northern coast of the state, the roof features a liberal scattering of local driftwood across its 3,000 square feet:

The next project is a peaceful retreat which overlooks Salmon Bay in Seattle, Washington.  The lucky residents have a secluded, private observation deck and their choice of stunning views toward the Puget Sound or their own colorful oasis in their 500 square foot roof garden.  Their green roof grows on 11 cubic yards of rooflite extensive mc, as blended by Swanson Bark and Wood Products:

The final project in SolTerra’s fall project update is a sloped roof installation on a residence  near the Salmon Creek in Vancouver, Washington.  The project grows on 62 cubic yards of rooflite extensive mc and features a dramatic sloped roof.  This 4,000 square foot eco-roof is certainly the talk of this suburban neighborhood:

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SolTerra Systems is a full service provider of systems that provide natural resources for their clients, while improving the environment and functionality of the Northwest’s infrastructure. Through research and experience, they have found that along with conservation, the systems they provide give their clients the best opportunity to decrease your carbon footprint. Furthermore, they enable them to act as stewards of our natural resources so that their children may enjoy the world as we do today.

SolTerra focuses on delivering these systems to clients in the most cost effective way while maintaining the highest industry quality in workmanship and product.  Their benchmarks for success is that as a company they maintain 100% customer satisfaction, provide well-paying careers for the local economy, and maintain a company growth that meets or exceeds the industry.

We look forward to seeing more roof gardens as designed and installed by SolTerra.  If you’re lucky enough to reside in the Pacific Northwest, request an estimate for your own project.  And know that if they install your green roof, they Grow On Us™ – using rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media.