Growing demand for rooflite® green roof media as stormwater management tool

Posted in Blog, green roof, rooflite News on January 31, 2017


Contact: Joe DiNorscia, 610-268-0017,

Landenberg, PA, January 31, 2016 – Skyland USA today announced that rooflite®, its green roof media product line, is in growing demand as a stormwater management tool. While the use of green roofs for stormwater management is relatively new in the U.S., rooflite has been engineering its green roof media for stormwater retention since its founding in 2005.

With a field-tested stormwater retention volume in excess of 150 million gallons annually on projects across the Americas, rooflite has proven success with its soil systems to manage stormwater on green roofs. Offering a variety of rooflite soil systems to meet different project requirements, rooflite soil products are engineered to optimize stormwater retention and plant performance at the same time. This combination – retention of stormwater and long-term plant survival – is critical because they work together to maximize the effects of a green roof as a stormwater management tool.

In practical terms, several characteristics work together to make rooflite soil an attractive option as a stormwater management tool. First, rooflite soil is lightweight to minimize the structural impact on the building below. In addition, soil properties are designed to maximize stormwater retention and create long-lasting plant growth, which are both critical pieces to increase water retention and evapo-transpiration.

More specifically, rooflite soil systems do a few different things to manage stormwater: retain water in the soil for the plants, return water to the atmosphere through evapo-transpiration, dramatically reduce peak flows, and significantly delay any remaining run-off. rooflite soil systems also mimic natural soil profiles to support healthy root environments and vigorous plant growth, an essential part of minimizing and delaying any water runoff from the roof.

In addition, all rooflite soil systems fulfill all the technical requirements for state-of-the-art green roof technology. They are engineered based on FLL guidelines as well as relevant ASTM standards. rooflites uses a sophisticated process to produce rooflite, which has been developed through many years of experience.

This process ensures that rooflite green roof media can be used as a proven, consistent, and reliable component of urban infrastructure to manage stormwater.

Skyland USA is impressed with the opportunity now available as the industry embraces green roofs and its rooflite soil products as a stormwater management tool. “We are happy to see that the industry is finally recognizing green roofs as a viable and preferred option to manage stormwater in urban areas,” said Joe DiNorscia, President of Skyland USA. “All our projects are stormwater management success stories, including some very substantial successes like the Nashville Music City Center, which captures 2.6 million gallons of annual stormwater. Our rooflite soil systems are integral to these impressive projects, and we look forward to making a real impact on stormwater management in cities across the U.S. with our products.”