Helping Landscape Architects Achieve Their Creative Vision within Technical Requirements

Posted in Blog, Create With Us, green roof on October 4, 2017

At rooflite, we create green roof soil products that give landscape architects the ability to be creative and flexible in designing green roof projects. Landscape architects have no shortage of creative design ideas for green roofs, as they determine the best way to balance aesthetics and functionality.

The excitement of designing a compelling green roof is coupled with the challenge of meeting the technical requirements of the building. In many cases, the design must meet strict requirements for the structural capacity of the building. So how can landscape architects realize their vision and deal with the specific load requirements of a roof?

Ideally, landscape architects are brought into a green roof project early enough to be aware of the load requirements and design to them or to provide the load numbers for their green roof design to the structural engineer to be sure the design will work. It’s critical that the landscape architect knows the weight limitations and design possibilities for different green roof systems. Whether a design calls for a simple green roof or a complex architectural design, landscape architects need a clear understanding of the weight implications of the plants and the depth of soil system to support those plants during the green roof design process.

rooflite has put a lot of effort into making this part of the design process easier to ensure landscape architects are designing within the technical requirements.

Our rooflite soil products are offered in a range of weight classes, depending on region, which are designed to guide landscape architects in choosing the best option for their project based on your weight requirements. We also offer full downloadable specifications for each rooflite soil product so it’s easy for you to see the technical details for each product.

In addition, we offer 10 soil systems for a variety of green roof applications from extensive sedum roofs to urban rooftop farms and forests. These soil systems also have detailed specifications and technical drawings available to see the technical details and weight options associated with the full system.

With rooflite, landscape architects don’t have to worry about figuring out the weights for their green roof systems, and they can enjoy the fun part of creating compelling and dynamic green spaces way above natural ground.