Philadelphia Free Library Green Roof Install Video

Posted in Jobsite Photos, News Link, rooflite News on October 14, 2009

Great overview video of the installation of the recently completed Free Library of Philadelphia green roof:


The video was posted by the Free Library, so it would follow that they shot and edited the footage.  The beginning is like an ad for rooflite® – the truck on the closed street, the super sacks floating through the air on the crane, the ease of unloading on the roof…  Couldn’t have shot that much better myself.  To anyone who has asked me how long it takes to unload a super sack: I counted three seconds.

This is a great project for the city of Philadelphia, and you can see Mayor Nutter is proud.  A lot of great people were involved with this project: green roof consulting from Green Roof Service, roof installation by US Roofing Corp., landscaping by Galbally Landscaping, and as you can see from the video credits – many more.  Rooflite® Extensive MC was used on this project, as supplied by Skyland USA.  We even used a shot from street level on this delivery on our website and in our 12 page booklet brochure:

rooflite® Super Sacks waiting to be lifted

rooflite® Super Sacks waiting to be lifted

Worth noting that the street above is closed by police.  A colleague commented on the image below that she liked it but too bad the police car was there.  I feel that conveys a good message – if you’re planning delivery of super sacks, and a crane, you may need permits and a closed street.  Here is that shot again, cropped for the header image banner on the About Skyland USA page of our website:

About Skyland USA: rooflite® Super Sacks, cranes, closed streets

About Skyland USA: rooflite® Super Sacks, cranes, closed streets

We are proud to have been involved in such a successful project – the first green roof on a city owned building in Philadelphia.  And it certainly isn’t the last in Philadelphia.  The City of Philadelphia still offers up to $100,000 in business tax credits for a green roof.  Get your application HERE and start planning your green roof today.  Better yet, call Green Roof Service, let them plan it for you.