New rooflite blender in Houston: The Ground Up

Posted in Blender, Blog, rooflite News on September 19, 2018

Contact: Joe DiNorscia, 610-268-0017,

Landenberg, PA, September 19, 2018 – Skyland USA announced today that The Ground Up has joined its official blender network in Houston, Texas, expanding its coverage in North America to 20 regions. The Ground Up is a green waste recycling company, specializing in mulch, soil, and compost manufacturing for the landscape contractor and homeowner market.

As the premier provider of green roof media in the United States, rooflite regularly assesses areas in the country that are primed for growth in the green roof market. The sprawling Houston area is one that looks to be ready to embrace the green roof trend. As the city shifts to high-rise buildings for residential and office needs, residents and tenants are starting to demand a more complete set of lifestyle amenities including green space. The year-round temperature of Houston, with hot and mild seasons, also makes it an ideal environment for green roofs.

As The Ground Up becomes an official blender, the greater Houston area can now begin to use rooflite’s soil products for local green roof projects. The Ground Up, founded in 2010, has a solid presence in Houston, with several locations within the city limits, including two production facilities and two wholesale nurseries. As one of the largest green waste recyclers in Houston and a manufacturer of engineered soils, the company is seeing huge growth in projects that require rooftop engineered soil. This makes the new partnership with rooflite a natural fit.

Luis Chamorro, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Ground Up, says the company already works regularly with landscape architects to provide engineered soil, and the partnership with rooflite sets it up to take advantage of growth in the green roof market. “Now that we’ve partnered with rooflite, we are the only player in the city in green roof soil,” says Chamorro. “With the combination of great technical and marketing support that rooflite gives us, we are confident we can get rooflite soil into specifications for local green roof projects because it’s a quality product.”

In the past few years, rooflite has seen steady growth in its official blender network with new blenders in St. Louis, Florida, Kansas City, and Melbourne, Australia. rooflite blenders are critical partners in ensuring both the quality and availability of its green roof media products for projects across the country. “Houston is an area of the U.S. that we think is ready to embrace green roof technology and all the benefits that come with it,” said Joe DiNorscia, President of Skyland USA. “The Ground Up is just the kind of established and reliable blender partner that can help us bring our products to a new city, and we look forward to working with and supporting them as they begin selling and manufacturing our soil.”

The Ground Up joins a blender network of more than 20 strategic locations in the Americas. Each blender location provides rooflite products that are regionally sourced, produced and shipped.

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