Our Technical Knowledge and Experience

Posted in Blog, Experience, Logistics, Technical Requirements on October 26, 2023

rooflite is a green roof soil provider, but we also have many years of technical experience in the green roof industry, which has given us a lot of knowledge that we can share with you and our customers. 

When you’re picking your green roof soil product to meet the design of your roof, we can help with a variety of decisions and steps, including:

  • Picking the right product: we can help make sure you order the correct product for your design and ensure that it’s compatible with everything else you’re planning on your green roof.
  • Understanding product weights: we can help you pick the perfect weight for any required weight limits on your green roof project. 
  • Ordering the right volume: we will help you order the right volume for your specific plan, including plants and design, and we also help you compensate for compaction.
  • Working with project stakeholders: we are always happy to work project stakeholders, which might include design professionals, general contractors, landscape architects, civil engineers, installers, and roofers, just to name a few possibilities. 

We are also experts in logistics planning. Logistics can be very tricky, and planning for them depends on your specific project, site, and the space you have available for both delivery and conveying equipment. 

We have a whole list of questions that we like to ask to help us figure out the best plan for you. Some of these include: 

  • How are you getting soil to the roof? 
  • Can you unload soil at the project site? 
  • Are there union requirements? 
  • How many hours a day are you working? 
  • Does someone need to be there when we deliver the soil? 
  • What kind of equipment will be on-site?

There are so many potential things that can affect logistics, but we’ve already seen them all. We’ll work through the logistics process with you to figure out how we will deliver your soil in a timely manner to meet your timeline and schedule.

Shipping is the follow-on to logistics. Based on the details of your project site and timeline, we work with you to figure out the best way to ship our soil. Options are bulk, supersacks, retail bags, and we’ll make sure the method we use for shipping will meet your project, budget, and site requirements, including logistics.

We love to help our customers make the right decisions, and we are happy to share our technical knowledge to help you succeed. 

If we haven’t had the chance to work with you directly yet, we also offer LACES courses, where you can hear everything we know about green roof soil systems and using planters in designs. 

Can we help you? We’d love to hear about your latest project. Drop us a line here.