Planning Rooftop Trees on Your Green Roof?

Posted in Blog, Trees on November 19, 2019

Skyland USA, which produces rooflite, is the only company in the industry to offer a unique soil system for rooftop trees. This soil system has a well-designed root zone with a perfect balance of water retention and aeration along with adjusted nutrient levels to allow for long-term healthy root growth. Our soil system is lightweight and structurally stable, so you can rely on it to perform long-term.

This multi-layer soil system, made up of four rooflite products, mimics and improves on natural soil horizons. It recreates soil conditions at grade but optimized for on-structure installations – with a granular drainage layer, a filter layer, an innovative base layer, and an organic, rich intensive top layer.
If you’re considering rooftop trees for your green roof, we offer several tools that will help you assess the possibilities and plan for trees.

Rooftop Trees Soil System Overview: gives you a detailed overview of the Rooftop Trees Soil System, including information on depth and system features, and a system drawing with details on products used.

Rooftop Trees Soil System Specifications: provides specification details for all materials and labor necessary to install a complete multi-layer engineered soil profile for rooftop trees. You can download this and customize the CSI-like formatted soil system specification for your specific system.

Rooftop Trees CADdetails Technical Drawing: detailed system drawing available in a variety of formats.

To use these tools, visit the Rooftop Trees Soil System page.