rooflite® Outstanding Licensed Blender Award 2009 – Swanson Bark

Posted in rooflite News on November 20, 2009

2010 is right around the corner.  As we look back on what has been a great year for the green roof industry in general and rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media specifically, we took the time at our 1st Annual rooflite® Blenders’ Meeting to honor one licensed blender for an outstanding individual effort.  Willie Palmer accepted the honor on behalf of Swanson Bark & Wood Products, in front of owners John and Vicki Leber.

Willie Palmer of Swanson Bark and Wood Products, left, accepts the Outstanding Licensed rooflite® Blender award from Joseph DiNorscia, right, Managing Director, Skyland USA.

“I was honored to represent Swanson Bark in receiving the rooflite® Outstanding Licensed Blender Award.” Mr. Palmer said, and added “It was definitely a team effort. We couldn’t have earned it without the support and hard work from all of our departments.”

Swanson Bark has benefited from an ideal location to service both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.  Both major metro areas embrace green roof technology, or ecoroofs as they are known in Portland, for all of their benfits – particularly storm water management in the oft rainy Pacific Northwest.  Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services currently offers direct funding of up to $5.00 per square foot on approved projects through their Ecoroof Program.  Willie has been actively involved with the program, attending the Bureau’s Ecoroof Workshops and being an approved supplier through their Ecoroof Resource List.

Additionally, a close relationship with progressive design/build firm such as SolTerra Systems has allowed Mr. Palmer to utilize Swanson’s fleet of blower trucks and trailers to take green roof media to new heights.  Roof renovations on existing residential locations with difficult access become much easier with the 300′ reach of Swanson’s blower service.  And when unloading crane-strapped super sacks on busy downtown streets at commercial projects, Swanson’s flatbed can be unloaded in tight lanes with ease using their piggyback lifts.

Of the future, Willie adds “I’m looking forward to a successful 2010 green roof season.”  So are we Willie.  Congratulations to the entire team at Swanson Bark & Wood Products, 2009’s Outstanding Licensed rooflite® Blender!