Skyland USA Annouces New Vice President & Technical Director

Posted in rooflite News on November 26, 2010

Skyland USA is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Philippi as Vice President & Technical Director bringing an abundance of experience to the position.

Mr. Peter Philippi, Vice President & Technical Director, Skyland USA

Philadelphia, PA – November, 2010 – SKYLAND USA is proud to announce the hiring of Peter M. Philippi to the position of Vice President / Technical Director. Peter joins SKYLAND with over 25 years experience as green roof professional, landscape architect and environmental engineer.

Peter started a design/build company specializing in green roof technology in 1983 when he resided in Germany, the homeland of green roof development. His work included trend-setting innovations and outstanding projects which have been recognized internationally. Peter has been working in the United States since 2004. He eagerly promoted green roofs in the United States and was involved in several green roof pilot projects across the country which leveled the way for many subsequent green roof installations.

Peter’s expertise in engineered growing media for green roof applications is based on long term experience in green roof design, specification, construction and maintenance. The growing medium may be only one of many key factors for the success of a green roof, but as Peter points out, it is the most crucial one. If the growing medium fails plants cannot thrive.

Peter had a part in developing the German FLL Green Roofing Guidelines which are considered to be the acknowledged state of the art guidelines for green roof construction worldwide and strongly participated in the transfer of green roof related technology and know-how to the US.


In his new role Peter will be responsible for the further development of SKYLAND’s line of rooflite® certified green roof media products, the expansion of SKYLAND’s international network of licensed rooflite blenders, and SKYLAND’s stringent quality assurance program. Peter can be reached at


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