The Green Roof Soil Ordering Process

Posted in Blog, Orders, Soil on June 18, 2024

So you’ve chosen rooflite to provide your green roof soil. Thank you! We are so excited to work with you on your green roof soil needs. 

Before we place your order, we need some information from you. Here is the list:

  • What rooflite products or systems?
  • What weight class?
  • How many cubic yards?
  • How will it be packaged?
  • What is the timeline for the project to start? 

Let’s run through each of these.

rooflite Products or Systems

We will need to know which products or systems you need to order for your green roof installation. The specific products or system will be determined by your design, including what plants you will be using. Find out more about our products and systems.

Weight Class

Our products are available in up to 6 different saturated weight classes, depending on the region:  

  • 400: 40-50 lbs/ft3 (for drain product only)
  • 500: 50-60 lbs/ft3 (for drain product only)
  • 600: 60-70 lbs/ft3
  • 700: 70-80 lbs/ft3
  • 800: 80-90 lbs/ft3
  • 900: 90+ lbs/ft3

Not all weight classes are available in every region, so we recommend checking the available weight classes for your green project location on our Specifications page. 

The weight class you need will be determined by the weight requirements of your green roof project. 

Cubic Yards

We will need to know the total volume you’ll need in cubic yards. Your design largely determines the volume you need, but you also need to account for compaction. Compaction happens to all soil, and it will continue to occur to green roof soil until it has reached a settled compressed state, which happens after you install it. Because of this, you need to carefully consider compaction as part of your green roof soil order. You can find out all about compaction here.

You can use our Media Calculator to estimate the volume, including compaction, that you will need for your project. 

We will always double-check the volume with you before we place your order.


We offer our green roof soil in three ways:

  • Bulk: loose soil 
  • Super Sacks: capacity of 1.5 to 2 cubic yards
  • Cubic Foot Bags: one bag contains one cubic foot

The way you receive our soil will depend on your specific project, site and the space you have available for both delivery and conveying equipment. 

Bulk deliveries work best when conveyance systems such as tele-belts, slinger trucks or pneumatic conveyance are used for media placement.

Super sacks work best with a crane, boom, or hoist for placement of the media on the roof surface.

Cubic foot bags are best for projects where roof access is limited or when you only need a small quantity of soil. We can ship these bags on pallets to your location. 

You can get more details on some site considerations that might affect how you get your soil delivered here. We are always able to help figure out the best plan, including providing equipment if necessary, for your project. 

Project Timing

We make the soil for your job when you order it from us, so we need to know when you will need the soil to be onsite for installation.


We’d love to help you figure out the details of your green roof soil order. Get in touch today!