Working with Landscape Architects: how rooflite shares green roof soil knowledge and assists with decision-making during the design and submittal phase

Posted in Blog, Experience, landscape architect on May 3, 2018

In our decade of existence as a company, we’ve seen firsthand how many things a landscape architect has to juggle on a green roof project. From plant selection and stormwater requirements to submittal deadlines, we know that you don’t want to worry about whether your green roof soil will thrive.

That’s why we are dedicated to making it easy for you to use our products. From offering our products in various weight classes, developing product specifications for easy download, and producing our products with regional materials, we’ve made a commitment to giving landscape architects the tools and options they need. This lets you focus on designing your best green roof – with the confidence that our reliable and high-quality products will work.

In addition to our product offerings, we’ve also developed a framework to work directly with you to give you the details and information you need to select the right rooflite soil product. Our “Green Roof Soil Systems Simplified” framework allows you to plan your green roof project:

• Explore different green roof design scenarios
• Determine the right soil profile for a design
• Define the proper depth for a design
• Learn how to specify a rooflite soil system
• Calculate the weight of the specified soil system
• Answers to your question on your specific needs and projects

Through this framework, we can share the most relevant details about products, including differences in soil horizons in a natural environment and on-structure, what makes a successful green roof project, including weight limits, plant palettes, and system build-up, and how our engineered soil systems help in ensuring project success.

Because of our experience in the green roof industry, we can also walk you through real-life and specific project examples. For example, we can share project details on a therapeutic hospital garden and review the soil system build-up and soil profile, depth, and weight. We’ve found that walk throughs of real projects can be an invaluable resource as landscape architects plan and design a new green roof project.

Lastly, you can speak directly to our soil experts to ask questions on your specific project needs and requirements. With our vast experience providing soil for more than 2000 projects across the world, we’ve seen a thing or two and can offer expert guidance to be sure your green roof project is a resounding success.

Get in touch today! We’d love to collaborate with you on your next green project.