BBC World Challenge | Brooklyn Grange

Posted in green roof, Jobsite Photos, News Link on November 7, 2011

Brooklyn Grange needs your help.  The plea, from the head farmer Ben Flanner:

“Two years ago, I started the Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farm with a great group.  We intensively grow vegetables on a 1-acre soil-covered rooftop, and sell them to local restaurants and farmer’s markets around New York.  We also have bees, chickens, kids, and we launched an educational non-profit this year.  It’s a busy place.

Recently, the farm was chosen as one of twelve finalists in the BBC World Challenge, a competition that rewards folks who are turning niche sustainability concepts into business models.  It’s an impressive group of 12 finalists who were selected for the challenge, and we are the only rep from the US, so we are very proud to be in the runnings.  After the votes are tallied, the top 3 all receive cash prizes, which would be really helpful as we’re preparing to start a 2nd location next spring.”

Click on THIS LINK to vote!

BBC’s Despcription of the Project:

Sometime in the last decade humanity became a predominantly urban species, with over half the global population living in cities. As cities grow and the climate changes, a new generation of farmers is looking at the potential of built-up areas to supplement the local food supply and create more sustainable communities. Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm is at the forefront of urban agriculture in the United States. Operated by four young entrepreneurs on an acre of rooftop in Queens, New York, the farm grows organic produce that is sold to local restaurants, co-ops and farmers markets across New York City. Business is growing quickly, with a second location opening in the Spring of 2012 and booming demand for rooftop vegetables, herbs and honey. To educate urban dwellers about the food systems upon which they rely, the farm hosts regular educational tours, workshops and field trips for schools and community groups.


To find out more about the lightweight engineered soil used to grow all the goods of the farm, visit

Good luck Ben!