How We Develop and Test Our Green Roof Soil Products

Posted in Blog, Products, Soil, Testing on October 18, 2023

Since our founding almost 20 years ago, we’ve been obsessed with making sure our green roof soil products are the highest quality possible. We want landscape designers to have long-lasting, successful green roof designs, and we know our products have to be up to the task. 

The environment of a green roof is unique. Anything installed on a roof has to contend with wind, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. This includes our green roof soil, which has to stand up to these harsh and unforgiving conditions. 

So how do we make sure our products will withstand these conditions?

Our product development and testing processes. 

Product Development Process

We use a sophisticated, proprietary product development process that we fine-tune and streamline regularly. This process focuses on quality products, sustainability goals, and industry guidelines.

Our rooflite soil products are standardized and created with propriety, consistent mixes to ensure long-term quality and success. They are also sourced, produced, and shipped by region based on regionally available materials and conditions. This ensures that you are always getting high-quality, consistent green roof soil that will last on your green roof. 

We design our soil products to meet the sustainability goals of a green roof. With perfectly-balanced physical and chemical properties, our rooflite soil has excellent water retention capacity to maximize stormwater retention and evapo-transpiration, and it’s optimized for healthy plant growth.

In addition, every rooflite soil product is designed and produced according to ASTM E2777-14* and the FLL** Green Roofing Guideline, the leading industry standards for the worldwide green roof industry.

Testing Process

Our testing process is a key part of our green roof soil success. It’s designed to meet our high standards and the high expectations of our customers. 

Our Quality Assurance Program is rigorous, and it involves both internal and independent laboratories. Our internal lab analyzes our rooflite soil products on a regular schedule to ensure they will stand up to demanding green roof applications throughout the life of a building. Independent labs validate compliance with established green roof media specifications and performance requirements.

We’ve designed our testing process to deliver the best products possible to our customers and to ensure they will perform well over many years. Through our testing program, we are able to guarantee that every batch of rooflite soil produced is consistent across our blender network.

Our dedication to these processes is one of our hallmarks. These processes ensure that we are always delivering the best green roof soil and helping green roof projects thrive for years to come.