Greenbuild & the 1st Annual rooflite® Blenders’ Meeting

Posted in rooflite News on November 17, 2009

Greenbuild Expo

What an exciting and informative week in Phoenix, Arizona.  The future looks bright for green roofs.  Greenbuild Inernational Conference and Expo was a great success, with over 1,800 exhibiting companies and 28,000 attendees.  rooflite® exhibited at booth 209, and had a great flow of forward thinking, progressive, green design and construction professionals.

rooflite® booth before the expo

A common theme from the ‘locals’ of Phoenix was are green roofs feasible in Arizona – can we do it here?  The resounding answer was “Yes.”  Carefully consider water needs and irrigation, and consider irrigating with grey water.  Your primary benefit may not be storm water retention and diversion like many other areas, but prolonged roof life should be a strong enough consideration.  Keep your roof from baking in the desert sun.  Plant hardy desert plants, irrigate with HVAC condensate or other grey water, and you got a sustainable, roof-life extending oasis in the desert.

First Annual rooflite® Blenders’ Meeting

But the greatest success of the week for the rooflite® team came before the grand opening of the expo halls.  Phoenix also played host to the 1st Annual rooflite® Blenders’ Meeting.  We had representatives from 14 Authorized rooflite® Blenders attend a round-table conference.  We discussed a few of our largest scale, high profile green roof projects from the last year, so we could all benefit from lessons we learn along the way and what worked well.  We introduced our new lighter weight blend, the regionally available rooflite® extensive mcl, and we strengthened our network.  Together, we’ve supplied rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media to almost 2 million square feet of roofs in North America.  Together, we’ve made rooflite® North America’s #1 Green Roof Media.  Representatives from  California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington State attended; along with our newest authorized blenders from Toronto, Canada and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The network, as assembled for the first time:

rooflite® Blenders' Network

So if you are looking for to specify or install North America’s #1 Green Roof Media, our network has got you covered.  Contact us for more information, or locate your regional blender HERE.  See you in Chicago at next year’s Greenbuild – we’ll be in booth #1588 & 1590.