Top 5 Concerns Related to Green Roof Soil Orders

Posted in Blog, Orders, Questions, Soil on June 11, 2024

As we work with customers on green roof soil orders, we hear a lot of the same concerns, and we want to share the top 5 with you.

Will the soil work for my plants?
Put simply, yes! Before we place a soil order for your project, we will want to understand what plants you have in your design, so we can make sure you use the right product for your project and design.

Which product supports the widest plant palette?
This is easy – our rooflite intensive base product. This product is an underlying layer that mimics and improves upon natural soil horizons while also being lightweight and free draining. It allows you to use a diverse plant palette, including plants that need deeper soil, for your design and gives you more freedom and flexibility. Find out all about our intensive base product [link to intensive base page].

What is the correct soil weight for my project?
The structural engineer on your project can tell you what weight requirements your green roof project has. Once you have that, we can assist in making sure you choose the right weight class. The soil weight class is a critical piece of placing a rooflite soil order. This is especially true for retrofit green roof projects, where the weight requirements are typically more stringent than they are for new construction.

At what depth does rooflite intensive base get introduced?
Our rooflite intensive base product lets you design to greater depths with more options for plants that need deeper soil like trees and gardens. This product is included in our deeper systems, which are systems that are 24 inches or greater. Read more about our systems and our intensive base product.

Can a drain board or drain mat be used with rooflite soil systems?
Yes. Our systems can accommodate a drain board or a drain mat.