Top 5 Questions about Our Green Roof Soil

Posted in Blog, Questions, Soil on June 5, 2024

We get a lot of questions from customers about our green roof soil, and we want to share the top 5 questions we get most frequently.

What is in your blends?
All our rooflite product blends are precisely formulated for long-term success. The details for each blend will vary by product and region, based on the available local materials. You can find out all the details on each of our product blends on our Specifications page.

How do I select the right product?
The main thing that determines which product you need is what plants you are using in your design. The plants determine which product or system you will use and the depth you will need. Check out our rooflite Overview for details on product and system depths.

What is a deep system?
Our deep systems, which support deep planters, trees, and rooftop gardens, are three-part systems that are optimized for plants that need a deeper root growth area. The hallmark of these systems is our rooflite intensive base product. This product is an underlying layer that mimics and improves upon natural soil horizons while also being lightweight and free draining. It lets designers install to greater depths with more freedom and flexibility in the plant palette.

Does one weight class perform better than another?
Our products are available in up to six different saturated weight classes. These weight classes are designed to guide you in choosing the best option for your project based on the structural weight requirements. Each weight class is identified by a number that corresponds to the typical weight for fully saturated media based on ASTM E2399.

Each weight class performs equally well, and the weight class is simply designed to meet your technical requirements.

The availability of weight classes varies by region, and you may be able to choose from the following weight classes:

  • 400: 40-50 lbs/ft3 (for drain product only)
  • 500: 50-60 lbs/ft3 (for drain product only)
  • 600: 60-70 lbs/ft3
  • 700: 70-80 lbs/ft3
  • 800: 80-90 lbs/ft3
  • 900: 90+ lbs/ft3

Why aren’t all weight classes available everywhere?
We source all our media components locally based on the regionally available materials, and some regions may not have the materials to offer our products in all weight classes. If possible, we always offer our products in all weight classes. Please be sure to double-check that your preferred weight class is available for your project’s region on our Specifications page.