The green roof industry: our vision

Posted in Blog, vision on October 10, 2023

At rooflite, our vision has always been to give the green roof industry the tools to create creative and dynamic green roofs. We want to be your partner in green roof soil, so you can create any kind of green roof masterpiece you want.

So how do we do this?

First, we have to deliver on our core promise: creating the highest-quality green roof soil.

Green roof soil is unique, and we have spent many years perfecting our soil so it meets the needs of a green roof project. It must be lightweight, retain and drain water, supply the right amount of nutrients for the plants on a roof, and be long-lasting to ensure the long-term success of the roof.

Each of our green roof soil products is made up of proprietary mixes that we develop for the specific type of green roof. These propriety mixes are designed according to ASTM E2777-14 (Standard Guide for Vegetative [Green] Roof Systems) and the FLL Green Roofing Guideline (Forschungsgesellschaft Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.V. [FLL] Landscape Development and Landscaping Research Society, 2008).

Consistency is also a critical part of our products. We have quality assurance and testing processes in place to ensure that every bit of soil is consistent and high-performing. We know you need products you can rely on, and we deliver on that goal with each load of soil we create.

Second, we strive to innovate and continually improve our products.

We do this in a variety of ways. Our internal team is constantly assessing ways to improve everything we do, from how we develop, test, produce, and ship our products to how we communicate with our customers and partners. Innovation is an integral part of our company identity, and we live it every day.

We also spend a lot of time listening to our green roof customers and partners. Many of our innovations have come directly from customers, including things like our intensive base or agricultural product, which came about when our customers wanted to create green roofs with new applications. This customer and industry feedback is invaluable and informs what we do every day.

Third, we are always trying to anticipate the future needs of the industry.

When we started rooflite almost 20 years ago, the green roof industry in the U.S. was just getting started. Most green roofs were extensive green roofs featuring sedum or other hearty, drought-tolerant vegetation. As the industry has matured, there have been a lot of shifts in the designs that landscape architects and green roof designers create.

A trend in recent years is the focus on amenity space on green roofs. We anticipated this trend by developing our rooflite planter soil system, which allows designers to grow deeper plants that can provide visual interest and shade on patios and seating areas on green roofs. To meet this trend, we made changes to our sales and product process to be sure we could deliver what our customers need for these types of amenity spaces.

Our ultimate vision is for your green roof design to be a success. We have a wide range of experience in all types of green roofs, and we love to help our customers bring their own vision to life.