Optimized for fertility, workability and longevity. The medium of choice for rooftop farms for the production of vegetables and herbs, it combines the characteristics of an excellent farm soil with the performance of a modern green roof medium.

rooflite agricultural is a product line that is available in different saturated weight classes. These weight classes are designed to guide you in choosing the best option for your project based on your weight requirements. Each weight class is identified by a number that corresponds to the typical weight for fully saturated media based on ASTM E2399. Depending on your specific region, the following weight classes are available for rooflite agricultural:

  • agricultural 600: saturated weight 60-70 lbs/ft3
  • agricultural 700: saturated weight 70-80 lbs/ft3
  • agricultural 800: saturated weight 80-90 lbs/ft3


rooflite® agricultural properties

  • rooflite soil optimized for rooftop farming
  • Features adjustments specifically for farming, including particle size distribution, organic matter & nutrient content
  • Can be used in combination with rooflite® drain
  • Normally used at media depth of 8+ inches