Planters & containers are essentially miniature rooftop gardens that have a media depth of 10 to 14 inches or fall within the deep intensive category. They require high-performance growth media to ensure plant growth, health and longevity. rooflite soil will not lose volume, which is essential for this system where root space is limited. With adjustable fill solutions for planters with different depths and sizes, this rooflite soil system supports a variety of plantings.

We also offer a soil system specification for planters & containers that have a total soil system depth of 10-18 inches.



rooflite intensive

An engineered growth media that has optimized performance characteristics for intensive green roofs, rooftop gardens, container gardens and planters. Learn More

rooflite intensive base

Used with deep intensive systems to meet the special requirements of a deeper root zone. rooflite intensive base is placed beneath rooflite intensive to mimic the soil horizons and properties found in natural soil profiles. Learn More

rooflite separation fabric

A root permeable fabric used to separate the growth media from the drainage layer. Learn More

rooflite drain

Granular lightweight aggregate that creates a natural root environment and can be used as an alternative to a synthetic drainage layer. It can also be used as a bedding layer when pavers or patios are specified. Learn More