Nashville Music City Center

The Nashville Music City Center, a convention center and public space, was built in 2012. The LEED Gold certified building features a 191,000 square foot green roof, built in three distinct sections with rooflite® soil. The specific blend of rooflite soil used on the roof was fine-tuned several times to ensure just the right mix for the vast space. Because the roof was so large, rooflite soil was blown onto the roof in an easy and smooth installation process. With a design focused on stormwater retention and reduction of the urban heat island effect, the green roof can capture 2.6 million gallons of stormwater in a year.


Project Name: Nashville Music City Center

Year: 2012
Location: Nashville, TN, USA
Type: Extensive
Size: 191.000 sq. ft.
Installer: Baker Roofing
Green Roof Design: TVS with Roofmeadow
rooflite Blender: Garick