Perennial roofs are semi-intensive green roofs with a total depth of 8-14 inches and may need irrigation, depending on the regional climate and the kind of plants used. This rooflite soil system supports taller plants that require more root space & a consistent water supply, including perennials and grasses. Because of this, perennial green roofs give you the option to create an inviting and dynamic outdoor space with more structure and color.



rooflite semi-intensive

Used in projects where a wide range of perennials, grasses, small shrubs and evergreens or turf are specified. Supports vigorous growth and long-term success. Learn More

rooflite separation fabric

A root permeable fabric used to separate the growth media from the drainage layer. Learn More

rooflite drain

Granular lightweight aggregate that creates a natural root environment and can be used as an alternative to a synthetic drainage layer. It can also be used as a bedding layer when pavers or patios are specified. Learn More

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