Rooftop gardens are intensive green roofs that have a media depth of 8 to 14 inches. Rooftop gardens are truly “landscaping the roof” and frequently offer accessible amenity space along with lush vegetation. This rooflite soil system supports a wide variety of plants.

We also offer a soil system specification for rooftop gardens that have a total soil system depth of 12-18 inches.



rooflite intensive

An engineered growth media that has optimized performance characteristics for intensive green roofs, rooftop gardens, container gardens and planters. Learn More

rooflite separation fabric

A root permeable fabric used to separate the growth media from the drainage layer. Learn More

rooflite drain

Granular lightweight aggregate that creates a natural root environment and can be used as an alternative to a synthetic drainage layer. It can also be used as a bedding layer when pavers or patios are specified. Learn More