The most popular type of green roof, sedum roofs are extensive green roofs that have a media depth of 3-6 inches. They may include a granular drainage medium (multi-course) or a synthetic drainage layer (multi-layer). This rooflite soil system can also be used on huge building structures and retrofit projects with limited roof loads with a media depth of 2-3 inches. With a great cost-to-benefit ratio and significant stormwater retention, this system supports hardy succulents, vegetated blankets or pre-vegetated mats, and may require irrigation depending on the depth of the growth media.

We also offer a soil system specification for sedum roofs with synthetic drainage.



rooflite extensive

The ideal growth medium for extensive green roof systems with hardy and drought tolerant vegetation. Learn More

rooflite separation fabric

A root permeable fabric used to separate the growth media from the drainage layer. Learn More

rooflite drain

Granular lightweight aggregate that creates a natural root environment and can be used as an alternative to a synthetic drainage layer. It can also be used as a bedding layer when pavers or patios are specified. Learn More